Lab Rooms
Lab Rooms

Lab-Pro, Inc. Lab Rooms offer immediate solutions to additional workspace needs. Delivered complete and installed in a warehouse, these low profile modules provide instant lab space designed to your exact specifications.

This unique product line allows our customers to reconfigure their lab space easily and efficiently. Another important feature: Customers can take their tenant improvements with them upon moving locations.

Our lab room facilities feature:

Interior/Exterior Designs

  • Installation inside warehouse or existing storage space

Tenant Lab Build Out

  • Don’t pay to have your landlord own your lab. Buy a lab and take it with you when you move!

Turnkey Capabilities

  • One company for all your laboratory design, engineering, and installation needs


  • Built in half the time of conventional construction

Immediate Occupancy

  • Ready for use upon delivery and installation

Custom Designed

  • All units built from the ground up to your exact specifications

Instrument/Equipment Evaluation Reports

  • Ensures each instrument/equipment has ample space and proper utilities for operation


  • Change space according to varying needs; sections can be reconfigured or moved at a later date


  • Saves money and keeps the competition from moving into your space